Crafted with beauty and Purpose

Potter’s House



 Potter’s House

Most gracious potter

Before my departure

Mold me

I am a vessel

Shape me in your hands

Use me for greatness for your Glory

Remember me in your plans

Establish me

Allow my light shine on a hill

Let me shine with great zeal

That others may know you

And their broken hearts begin to heal

Instruct me

I will tell of the forgotten stories

I will tell of the great ones before me

Lest they forget

And be swayed in a world thriving on follies

Lead me

To a place where my faith is without borders

With mustered courage and a mere seed of faith

I will walk upon treacherous waters

It is not yet late to create!

Oh gracious potter,

You’ve crafted me with beauty and purpose

Wherever you bid me

Your Spirit lives within me

A jar of clay

I am yours

© Faith ‘Biela

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