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What is God waiting for?

Is God waiting on His own time?

There are instances in our lives when we wonder if God is asleep. We don’t doubt he is at work around the world, but we question, “Is his work just on hold for me?” We constantly pray, seek and ask, but don’t always hear a definitive answer. Others try to encourage us by saying, “God’s time is the best.” So we try to wait for “his time”, not understanding his time-table and trying to fathom his “clock” in a human sense. So then we grow impatient, frustrated and sometimes weary. We ask, “Is God going to do anything or is he just sitting, waiting for his own time to act?” More often than not we try to act on our own to solve a problem or to get what we want. Ultimately, we grow even more frustrated with the results.

The truth is that God is not waiting to act. He’s always at work; Always. It’s hard for many of us to grasp this because He is at work according to his purposes and not ours. We often thank God for what has happened but forget to thank him for keeping us from what could have happened, if not for his swift grace.

Sometime last year at an event I performed in, I ran into a woman from a church that I used to attend. I wasn’t expecting to see her because we had lost contact over the years. After the program, she waited to say hello. I was just overjoyed that she came to watch me perform but what took me by even more surprise is that she came all the way to the backstage dressing room to find me. She began to tell me how moved she was by the event and by my performance. She said that the Holy Spirit moved her to give me something. To be honest, as she was speaking, some of what she was saying went over my head. My mind was so filled with where I was headed to next, who I had to see, and my family waiting patiently outside. The woman handed me a folded check. My gut reaction? Decline it- and I did. In my pride, I felt like I was fine… “What do I need her money for?” I said to myself. Without even realizing it, I was running from my own blessing.

Have you ever done that?

Well, she insisted that I take it. So I hurriedly took the folded check, hugged and thanked her, then ran off to greet family and friends. It wasn’t until the next day that I remembered the check. I opened it and saw that she had blessed me with $500. Yes, just like that. I fell to my knees in astonishment and began to weep and thank God. After I collected myself, I called my mother to tell her the good news. But before I could tell her, she told me she received a check on my behalf from someone who heard about my performance. I didn’t even know who this person was. But I was humbled and grateful; I didn’t understand what was happening. I never asked for money.

What I didn’t know is that exactly seven days later, I’d be involved in a terrible hit-and-run car accident. Windows shattered, car bent- I couldn’t even open the driver’s side door. My car was terribly damaged and the drunk driver that hit me left me to fork the bill. Suddenly, money became a necessity. I had no inkling I’d be in an accident. But God knew and he was already working on my behalf ahead of time.

Sometimes, we cry out to God but feel he’s silent. We say, “Why are you doing nothing in the face of my problem?” As humans, we base work and progress on what we see and not on faith. What our eyes see is only just part of the truth. God brings order to our chaos. He does this by intervening in methods and ways we cannot always see or understand.  Yes, it’s unfortunate that someone hit my car and ran but God used that instance as a tool to make me stop and think- to draw me closer to him and ultimately increase my faith. My experience is just one of many uncomfortable trials that helped mold and shape me into whom God has intended me to be. What was intended to harm me became a testimony and encouragement to and for others.

All things work together for good of those who love God.” (Romans 8:28).

We can find comfort in truly understanding and accepting that God is in control… Our role is to be obedient, have faith and let him take the wheel. No, we don’t know tomorrow- but we take comfort in knowing God is already there. He is ahead of time.

-Faith ‘Biela

2 Responses to “What is God waiting for?”

  1. Queen Aduda

    God is Awesome nd Wonderful.!!! Havin #faith in God’s word changes yur life to great things yet to be seen nd know.!!


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