Crafted with beauty and Purpose

Play Your Piece

 Play Your Piece

Dear Lord, use me as an instrument of your peace

Allow me speak, and I will tell of your goodness

Of how I was once a broken piece, made whole on my knees

Despite the clock, you spoke and changed my lot and restored all that I thought I had lost

You gave me wisdom enough to see that the least of these would become greater

And that the greater would become the least

You prepared a table for me in the midst of my enemies

I no longer live aiming to please

No, now living for you greatly pleases me

You have become my peace

In fact, you’ve planted me and I’ve now grown strong into a tree

Exchanging lies for truth, I speak life for them to breathe

My roots dug deeply in your living Word, you replenish me daily

At times I am cut down but I grow stronger again and again

Truly, living with you brings no end

My strength and my portion forever

You strung me together like a harp with due diligence

I was carefully crafted with great intelligence

When I am whole my strings exhale your harmonies into the atmosphere

My sound resonates loudly and casts out all fear

Let the least of these hear a new song

It is my prayer that they one day join along

I plead, allow them hear just one piece

Again, I ask. Lord, use me as an instrument

An instrument of your peace

Play my story

But only for Your Glory

For it is a Masterpiece

© Faith ‘Biela

4 Responses to “Play Your Piece”

  1. Eddie Edmunds

    Thank you so much Faith. You are a blessing and an inspiration to the world. May our loving father bless all your efforts. Please keep spreading the God news of our Lord. Agape love to you my friend. …

    • faithbiela

      Thank you so much for those kind words! You have really encouraged me. I am so glad you enjoyed it. To God be the glory 🙂

  2. apdawn2000

    Wow! That was so beautiful. I could actually “hear” the rhythm of the words in my head as I read it. Keep going!


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